Newport Auto Dealers, 1930

The short answer is, we can't identify these guys.  But we can give you a list of who the Automobile Dealers were in Newport in 1930:

Broering Motor Car, 513 Monmouth
The Dayton Motor Car Co, 123 E. Sixth Street
Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles, Voet & Wubbolding, 33 E 10th
Hasz & Degenhart, Chrysler Sales, 518-522 Monmouth
Monmouth Auto & Tire, 517 Monmouth
Neal, Chas. S., 117 E. 8th
Newport Auto Sales, nec 5th & Monmouth
Newport Motor Car, 27 E. 6th
Newport Oldsmobile, nec 11th & John
Stapp, Darwin Mm, 216 E. Third
Ware & Kilpatrick, Agents for Buick, 207 & 209 E. Fourth
Williams, P. D., Nash, 415 York


from Motour, the Magazine of the Cincinnati Automobile Club, July 1930, and the Newport City Directory of 1930.