The Bellevue

The sternwheeler Bellevue was built in Levanna, Ohio in 1890.  It was built to replace an earlier steamboat, the Florence Shanks, which was too small for the task required.  The Bellevue ran from Dayton, to Bellevue, to Cincinnati and back, twice an hour.  Trolley's ran it out of business, although she was later used to haul stone between Cincinnati, and Moscow, Ohio.  The Florence Shanks, which the Bellevue replaced, was built in 1888, and burned at the mouth of the Little Kanawha River in West Virginia in 1896.


The information above, as well as everything else you ever wanted to know about steam boats on American Rivers, is in Frederick Way Jr.'s encyclopedic Way's Packet Directory, 1848-1994, from the Ohio University Press.