Claryville Earthquake

Mr. W. T. Clary, of Claryville, Ky., has written a latter, under date of Jan. 24, in which he says: ‘I wish to report to you quite a phenomenon that happened in this neighborhood yesterday evening.  This place is about 15 miles back of Cincinnati, in the upper end of Campbell County.  About 4 o’clock yesterday evening the community at this point became quite excited at a low rumbling noise directly south, which lasted about one minute.  It sounded very like distant thunder, but the sky was perfectly clear and it was very cold.  Some of the neighbors and a party by the name of Leander Black went into convulsions, thinking the world was coming to an end.  Parties living three miles due west heard the same noise, and reports coming in fro all sections show the people to be very much excited and at a loss to account for the strange occurrence.  The earth was felt to quake, and my storehouse rattled and the floor trembled s though a veritable earthquake had occurred. My only theory of the matter is that the shock we felt was the effect of an earthquake at some great distance away.  


From the New York Times of February 2, 1877, and likely reprinted from one of the Cincinnati newspapers.