Day's Grocery

The image is from a Facebook post by Penny Merry, who notes “it's my great grandfather's grocery store in Dayton, KY. Augustus Day started the store, and his son, George Day help run later. 157 - 6th Avenue. In 1900 the grocery store was located at 129-6th Avenue. The building is now torn down.”

To which Robby Hecker added: “Penny, the grocery store actually goes back one more generation of yours and mine. It was originally owned by the adoptive parents of your great, great grandmother Mary Ann Catherine Rueter Gruenloh and was subsequently sold to Augustus whom had married Mary Ann. Both my aunt, Mary Day and my mother Barbara Ann Day are named for her. Mary Gruenloh was adopted at age 3 when both her parents passed with we assume yellow fever. She was adopted by Gruenloh's whom owned the grocery store in 1871. Not sure when they opened it.”