Here are the Slogans Submitted in Dayton

Several weeks ago the Dayton Men's Club appointed a committee to offer a prize of $5 to the child composing the best slogan for the city of Dayton.  About 100 slogans were received by the committee and the judges, Rev. Bernard Greifenkamp, Rev. J. N. Ervin, and Prof. L. N. Taylor, had a difficult time selecting the winner.

The slogan received from little Lucille Richards, the seven year old daughter of Dr. W. D. Richards, was unanimously adopted: “Make Dayton, Ky., Cincinnati's best suburb.“

“Hurrah, Hurrah, Dayton is my home.”

“Hurrah, Hurrah, Dayton is where I roam.”

“Dayton, the most hospitable welcome in all Kentucky.”

“Dayton, Dayton, long live Dayton.”

“Dayton - Home of enthusiasm.”

“Dayton, Ky. - Progress and Prosperity.”

“If it comes from Dayton, it's good.”

“Help Dayton grow.”

“Dayton - home once, home forever.”

“Honest and truth for Dayton schools.”

“Dayton, my happy home.”

“Curfew bell for Dayton.”

“Dayton for me.”

“Dear old Dayton.”

“10,000 for Dayton.”

“Good schools and gymnasiums for Dayton.”

“Dayton - inspires confidence.”

“Dayton, Ky., -Brick streets.”

“No saloons and better sidewalks for Dayton.”

“Listen, listen all, keep on boosting Dayton schools.”

“Oil the streets, build houses, cement sidewalks will make Dayton pretty.”

“Dayton, my paradise.”

“If you live in Dayton, you are all right.”

“A Dayton library.”

“Dayton - Kentucky's pioneer.”

“I'm for Dayton public schools - hurrah.”

“All the boys and girls of Dayton love the Cottonwood tree.”

“Hurrah for the happiness and prosperity of Dayton, and it's schools.”

“Dayton, for fine health and first-class schools.”

“Dayton, Dayton! Ha, ha, ha! Give me a lager beer and a good cigar.𔄢

“More policemen for Dayton.”

“Please have playgrounds for dear Dayton.”

“To make Dayton better, let women vote.”

“Watch Dayton win.”

“Do not annex our progressive little town.”

“Dayton for pure air and a happy home.”

“Dayton for education.”

“More beautiful residences on the rubbish lots of Dayton.”

“Bring more people to Dayton.”

“Hurrah for Dayton, hurrah for Jimtown, hurrah for the little dummies that run it.”

“Dayton is stepping lively.”

“Dayton, the home city; healthy, comfortable and convenient.”

One litle girl expressed herself as follows: “I think of the women would stay home and do their housework instead of going to society and euchre parties, it would make the country better.  P. S. - And that girls should not marry until they are of age.”

The committee received the following from a youngster: “I think Dayton needs a kindergarten.  I used to wish there was one when I was 4 and in the third grade.  And I am going to be a kindergarten teacher when I get big.”


Kentucky Post, November 25, 1911