Whiting Boy Writes


Dewey Templeton, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Templeton, 406 Fishtrap avenue, Whiting, [Indiana], in a letter to his parents from Fort Thomas, Ky., said:

“People around the fort are certainly fine to the soldiers, giving parties in their honor often. I have plenty to eat. For dinner, we have potatoes, roast beef, bread and butter, pie, and milk. What more could one ask for? We sleep on cots with two warm blankets and plenty of fresh air, and we sleep like tops. I have met many of the boys that lived around home and they all feel the same as I. Army life can't be beat. I get the Times daily and would feel lost without it. Dewey Templeton”

.May 22,

Hammond (Ind) Times, May 22, 1917