Evergreen Cemetery  


The Evergreen Cemetery situated in the City of Southgate, Campbell County, Kentucky is the largest cemetery in the Northern Kentucky area. It was founded in 1850 beginning with 17 acres of ground and was then known as the Newport Cemetery. The office was located at 35 East Fourth Street in Newport Kentucky.  Evergreen replaced a previous Newport cemetery on Ringgold Street (since renamed 8th Street), where the Newport Junior High is these days.  The graves from there were moved to Evergreen.  

The Evergreen Cemetery Chapel was built in 1902 and was closed in 1933 and fell into a state of disrepair. In 1970 work was started to renovate the Chapel and was completed in 1971 with the dedication on October 17th. It is now one of the most beautiful Cemetery Chapels in the nation.   Located at the highest point in the cemetery is the Shaler Battery Breastworks. At this location the Band Stand was built in memory to all military services. In 1972 a plaque was presented to the Evergreen Cemetery by the Kentucky Heritage Commission designating the Shaler Battery Breastworks a Kentucky Landmark and deemed it worthy of preservation.   In approximately 1908 the maintenance building was built and was completely renovated in 1971.  

The Cemetery has grown to over 250 acres with approximately half of this land developed. There are about 50,000 interments in Evergreen, which includes many prominent people. Some of the well known people are Col. James A. Taylor, Brent Spence, George Wiedemann.   The Evergreen Cemetery is non-profit and non-sectarian.