Alexandria – A post village of Campbell county, situated in the Northern part of the State, 80 miles north north-east from Frankfort, 13 miles by stage route from Cincinnati and Newport, fare 50 cents, and by railroad from Frankfort via Covington 125 miles. It contains the usual county buildings, three churches and two in course of construction, one public school, with an average attendance of 85 pupils, one Masonic lodge, three hotels, three general stores, three merchant tailors, one steam flouring and saw mill, three attorneys, two physicians, and about 15 mechanical trades.  Population 250. F. Brown, postmaster.

Business Directory


Artsman, G. clerk of Circuit Court, office, court house building
Baker, R. T. attorney at law and notary public
Boyd, F.A. county judge
Brown, F. & Co. general store, Main
Brown, F. A. postmaster, Main
Curley, Miss ann dress maker, Main
Danelst, John boot and shoe maker, Main
Decourcy, T. W. W. attorney at law
Demoss, J. C. attorney at law
Eckert, L. M. coroner
Furnish, A. D. gunsmith, Main
Helm, H. D. county sheriff
Jerlock, P. confectionery, Main
Krouze, P. merchant tailor, Main
Maddock, James tinner, Main
Mertens, C. G. proprietor, Main Street House, Main
Murry, Pat. blacksmith, Main
Nelson, Jno. H. attorney at law, office, Court House
Orr, John physician and surgeon, old school
Parker, James H. attorney at law
Piper, John jailor
Rice, C. harness and saddle maker, Main
Rieley, G. W. general store, Main
Ruchford, H. K. physician and surgeon, old school
Ruckel, P. boot and shoe maker, Main
Schmidt, C. beer hall, main
Schmidt, M. wagon maker, main
Smith, D. & Sons general store, cor. Main & Washington
Spilman, F. carpenter, Main
Thomas, John J. county clerk
Thomas, W. H. Proprietor, Thomas House, nw corner, Main & Washington
Wheeler, John blacksmith 



From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860