New $12,000 Depot in Bellevue

A large force of men, it is said, will be put to work at once to build a passenger depot at this place; the edifice is to be lighted with electricity, a splendid soda fountain and chewing gum manufactory will be connected with the main hall.  Tooth brushes, combs, blacking and hair brushes will be kept in the rooms for the public.  Oil paintings of all the city officials will adorn the walls.  The building will be connected with the restaurants of Cincinnati by electric wires and audiophones will be put in and connected with the music resorts of Cincinnati; organettes will be put in to amuse the patrons while waiting for the trains, and underground pipes will be laid to connect with the various breweries; also with the old '76 distillery.  The intention is to draw all the custom from Dayton to this section.  There will be a large hall, with a seating capacity of 1000 on the second floor in which free theatricals, lectures on physiognomy, and various popular themes will be given every other evening.  Persons traveling from this station will be given free passes from the fourth street station to the Fountain Square for the first three months.  After the depot is finished all city officials will be allowed to take with them their wives and poodle dogs on the trains on payment of four fares.  The trains will not be allowed to back up and take any passenger who is twenty minutes late.  Trains will be stopped at Cincinnati for return.


April 1, 1892  The Kentucky Journal