The Merciless Ax of Time

The merciless ax of time is rapidly leveling the famous hangman trees.  A half century ago, old residents say, there were many of these, but now the only one identified is the “Peter Kline” tree in Odd Fellows, Water Works Grove, near Bonnie Leslie.   The strip of land, extending from Monmouth-st to the Licking River was the scene of so many hangings that it was called “Gallows Gap.”  Superstitious people formerly disliked to pass near this region for fear of spooks.  The C. & O. Railroad now owns this lowland, and with the shriek of the locomotives has passed all fear of the shriek of ghosts.   Newport’s most famous gallows was formerly located by the banks of the Licking River, in the extreme southwest corner of town.  It has since been blown down.  At least 20 hangings were held at this spot, one of which was a legal hanging.   It is said old time residents of Newport always pay visits to the lynching trees when they return to the scene of their boyhood.  


From the Kentucky Post of November 2, 1915