H. A. Wadsworth & Co.,


Manufacturer of Gold Filled Watch Cases



H. A. Wadsworth

This business was established by the present firm at the present location in July, 1890. The copartners are Mr. H. A. Wadsworth, Mr. J. H. Stegeman, and Mr. H. Remke, all of whom bring to bear exceptional qualifications for conducting this industry upon the most efficient and progressive basis. This firm planned and erected their building specially for the purpose. It is a two story brick structure, with roomy basement, equal to a third story, and 40 by 125 feet in dimensions. The outfit of machinery and appliances is of the most improved modern description, including special stamping and shaping machines, savings labor and insuring great accuracy and precision of workmanship. There are full sets of lathes, and a complete gold smelting and refining outfit in the basement. The firm employ upwards of eighty hands in the various departments, and are now turning out fully 500 of their beautiful and durable gold filled watch cases every week. They are popular with and preferred by the best class of trade everywhere. The reasons for this are the manifest superiority of these cases. They wear much better than solid gold cases, having an outer surface of pure gold, and which is stiffened and supported by an interior metal filling of great strength and elasticity, so that these cases are more durable, vastly cheaper, and yet exactly the duplicate in appearance of the solid gold cases, which wear badly, are easily bent and warped out of shape, and prove an expensive nuisance. The firm have already developed a flourishing trade with watch factories and watch makers all over the west and south, also east, and those wanting the most perfect watch cases in existence, and adapted to all styles of movements, should place orders here. Mr. Wadsworth is a native of England, resident in this city for twenty years past, and has long been actively identified with this branch of skilled industry. He is an able and responsible member of commercial circles and whose firm is achieving a national reputation. Messrs. Stegeman and Remke are both active and able young businessmen, and the firm has before it prospects of the most favorable character.