A city on the Ohio River, in the southern [ ?!? ] part of Campbell County, 2 miles from Newport, the county seat of which it is a suburb.  It was first settled in 1850 and incorporated as a city in 1866.  It contains a rope factory and a steam planing mill, several churches and schools.  The principal shipment is rope.  Population about 3,000.  Daily Mail.  T. M. Foster, postmaster.

Business Directory

Alexandria Mrs C C, confectionery   
Banks J W, carpenter.
Bauman John, carpenter   
Bauman Joseph, tailor.
Betsch Martin, dry goods.
Bode Frederick, wagonmaker.
Bonte John's Sons, rope mnfrs.
Bunning J B, boots and shoes.
Collins Olmstead, boots and shoes.
Dempster R A, boots and shoes.
Dokes W H, cigars,
Domhof V, ropemaker.
Draiss P, baker.
Drown J F, painter.
Drown Mrs C, confectionery.
Ehmer Joseph, saloon and butcher.
Gamier Louis, florist.
Goetze J H, druggist.
Graf Querimus, merchant tailor.
Gramer John, baker.
Gubeer M, meat market.
Harris James, grocer.
Hebel August, tailor.
Herman Martin, hardware.
Herschberger J B, baker.
Hulthoff H C & Co, grocers.
Horst Theodore, dry goods.
Johnson W, painter.
Josylin Wm, grocer.
Junk Joseph, boots and shoes.
Kahlman Charles, hotel and saloon.
Keiber Adam, carpenter
Klable A F, rope mnfr.
Klable F, rope mnfr.
Klein Peter, blacksmith.
Koehler Henry, meat market.
Kreitler Christian, carpenter.
Kuevan Lewis, saloon.
Kuhl Joseph, cigar mnfr.
Lamb John, meat market.
Link Joseph, grocer.
McLean W C, coal dealer.
Moeler John, saloon.
Metz Charles, saloon.
Niles James, grater.
Notle George, saloon.
Pille J F, boots and shoes.
Rockers Henry, rope walk.
Rawlins Thomas, Carpenter.
Reid John, grocer.
Rewalt Mrs M, furniture.
Riebel E, tailor.
Rorer C L, carpenter.
Ryan, Son & DeLucca, grocers.
Schaapveld G H, rope mnfr.
Schlueter B, Cordage mnfr.
Schuh Joseph, rope mnfr.
Schultheis George, meat mnfr.
Schwab R, rope mnfr,
Swager E M, boots and shoes.
Tripe & Heeg, coal dealers.
Unnewher F, confectioner.
Vasche Henry, grocery and feed store.
Walter Anthony, brick mnfr.
Wern Peter, rope mnfr.
Winton Mrs C E, notions.
Wolf Charles, grocer.
Worth S, boots and shoes.


This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville.