Raid at a Midway Rag-Time Joint

Like the Assyrians coming down like the wolf on the field, a detail of soldiers at Ft. Thomas, swooped down on a "rag time" saloon on the Midway Saturday night at 11 o'clock and arrested Charles Duncan, proprietor, and George Dickson and Jos, Clark, bartenders, on the charges of receiving Government property. . .

When the troops visited the placer and made known their mission, the two bartenders, it is alleged, wanted to put up a fight, but their courage gradually oozed as more soldiers entered and they finally went out like lambs.  They were placed under guard and marched into the reservation.

Then a search of the saloon followed.  In the attic Government property valued at $1000 was found.  It consisted of army revolvers and shoes and clothing of all descriptions, much of the stuff being left, it is alleged, to pay for drinks for thirsty soldiers who couldn't wait until payday.  The national law absolutely prohibits the acceptance of Government property from a soldier.


from the Kentucky Post, May 29, 1905