Execution of Robertson at Alexandria


The culprit, Robert Alexander Robertson, sentenced to death for the murder of Moses Gard, on Licking River, in June, 1852, was executed on Saturday, 3rd inst., at Alexandria, Kentucky.  Between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning of that day, he attempted to commit suicide by cutting the veins of both arms with a razor, which he had secreted in the floor of his cell since he was first incarcerated, near fifteen months ago.  The attempt was discovered in time to save him alive for the gallows, whither, about noon, he was conducted by the sheriff and a posse of forty armed men.  The prisoner, who was much enfeebled by loss of blood, addressed the spectators at considerable length, declaring his innocence.  A disgusting scene afterward occurred.  The editor of a paper, who had arrived too late to hear the address, applied to the prisoner for a recapitulation of what he had said.  He talked some time with him, during which he became very much exhausted, and fainted – going into spasms.  On recovery, the pertinacious editor continued to ply his questions, when the enfeebled man gave way to another paroxysm; and even after his recovery, the imperturbable questioner continued to harass the prisoner, until he was cut short by the preparations for the execution being completed.  The culprit died easily – denying his guilt to the latest moment. 


From the New York Times, September 8, 1853.