Fort Thomas Prisoner Rescue a Problem

Fort Thomas, Ky., July 1 - Imprisoned eleven hours in the steel dungeon of the Ft. Thomas guardhouse behind a triple-bolted door that could not be opened because of a broken combination knob, Robert Wilkerson, 24 years old, of 439 Wilkerson street, Frankfort, KY., was threatened with starvation until camp officials, assisted by a master mechanic from Cincinnati, effected his release at 10 o'clock to-nite.

Four steel bolts were filed off, a steel plate covering the lock was sawed in twain and heavy chisels and hammers were brought into play.  He had not eaten since he was locked up at 11 o'clock yesterday morning for alleged drunkenness in the army post, and only got what water could be poured through a small funnel into the cell.


from the Hartford Herald, Hartford, Ky, July 5, 1916