The Old Taylor Street Church

Newport, Ky., was settled about 1790.  There was Methodist preaching in Newport before there was any courthouse.  After the courthouse was built the Methodists occupied that for a few years.  Then in 1827 a brick structure was erected, 30 x 40 feet, where the Episcopal church now stands.  This was occupied only a few years when they bought the building now occupied by the members of the Old Taylor Methodist church from the Presbyterians, who erected the old church in 1838.  It than had a magnificent broad open front with tall, plastered columns, and was said to be the finest church in all of Northern Kentucky.

In 1859, Dr. J. W. Cunningham, now 86 years old, living in California, was sent to Newport as pastor.  He removed the columns and added the front, which gave the vestibule and four additional rooms.

The church building, though very old, is quite well equipped for modern church work.  There is a beautiful modernized auditorium, new pews, pipe organ, and is well-lighted.  The present auditorium will seat about 400; the balcony will seat over 200.  The Sunday school and Epworth league rooms are downstairs.


by J. Maurice Ridge, from the Cincinnati Daily Commonwealth, December 2, 1912.  We've truncated the article - the balance was a short history of who the preacher's were, and excerpt's from their sermons.