The Kentucky Division of the Cincinnati Automobile Club with headquarters right here in the heart of Newport, is certainly doing its bit for members as well as non-members and for community interest.  At no time in the past years has the automobile club been to the fore front of community interest and development as has the Kentucky Division of the Cincinnati Automobile Club with a chairman and an advisory board that is active every day of the week.  Members are always welcome at the club headquarters where every conceivable service, identical to the services rendered to members at the Cincinnati headquarters, is available.  

The most worthy activity of the club recently was the celebration of the Sixth Street “fill,” over Taylor Bottoms, connecting the three Northern Kentucky cities, Newport, Dayton, and Bellevue.  Dr. W. J. Thomasson, chairman of the club, is also chairman of the parade committee and automobiles from both the Kentucky Division and the Cincinnati Automobile Club were prominent in the parade or motorcade that commemorated the completion of the highway.  The program was under the auspices of the automobile club and all communities, from Fort Thomas eastward, joined in the program.  Speakers were Attorney Hubbard Schwartz, representing Dayton; City Attorney George J. Harold, representing Bellevue; and Fred Bassman, representing Newport. 

Other members of the Parade Committee in addition to Dr. Thomasson included A. Vasche and Michael Flinckinger.  Prizes were given for the best decorated motor car in the motorcade.  Optimists Club, Rotary Club, and other civic organizations participated in the event held on November 7 [1929]. The motorcade started from in front of the headquarters of the club [603 Monmouth], and proceeded over the following route:

 Starting at the intersection of Bonnie Leslie Avenue and Taylor Avenue,
north on Taylor Avenue to Poplar;
east on Poplar to O’Fallon Avenue;
north on O’Fallon to Sixth Street in Dayton;
east on Sixth to Main;
north on Main to Fifth Avenue;
east on Fifth to Benham Street;
north on Benham to Third;
west on Third to Berry Avenue;
south on Berry to Fifth;
west on Fifth to Vine;
south on Vine to Sixth;
west on Sixth, continuing west on Fairfield to Berry Ave;
south on Berry to Sixth Street Boulevard;
west on Sixth Street Boulevard to Monroe St., Newport;
south on Monroe to Tenth Street;
west on Tenth Street to Monmouth Street;
north on Monmouth to Fourth Street;
west on fourth to Central Avenue;
south on Central to Tenth Street;
east on Tenth to York Street;
north on York to Sixth Street;
east on Sixth to Boulevard. 

Police from each of the cities headed the parade, followed by a car containing the three Mayors – Mayor Clem A. Wiethorn, Bellevue; Mayor C. A. Wissel, Dayton; and Mayor Fred McLane from Newport.  Mayor Wiethorn had ordered traffic lights in Bellevue to be turned out for the occasion in order to facilitate movement of the cars.