Four different hoards are allegedly buried somewhere on the hill below Carmel Manor in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. One was left by the paymaster for Fort Washington when he was attacked by Indians in the early 1800s, the second by the crew of a burning riverboat in 1860, and the third by Eli Kinney, a rich banker whose mansion is now part of Carmel Manor. [Enquirer 27 January 1958]

The fourth cache purportedly hidden on the Carmel Manor property was buried there by Carl Henry Johnson, an embezzler who stole $614,851.50 from Chicago’s Albany Park Bank. Johnson buried part of his ill-gotten funds in Chicago and San Diego, but he said $55,000 is buried somewhere in Cincinnati. [Enquirer 27 September 1985]

Although some think Johnson’s $55,000 is in Fort Thomas, others think it might be buried in one of our local parks. Some people think it’s buried in Price Hill, where he once rented an apartment.

We’ll never know. Johnson, four FBI agents, and a retired Chicago police officer, died 16 December 1982 when their two-engine airplane crashed into a bookstore in Montgomery, Ohio.