Wiedemann Truck 


This Ford was one of the first built on the assembly process. Ford built only the chassis, while the cab was made by Schuimier and Whitney in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This particular model was especially equipped with one of the first Ruxsteel two-speed axles. It was really a Deluxe Model that started a fine tradition in the automobile industry that has continued through the years.

While this truck is now 44 years old, the finest traditions of Wiedemann's Fine Beer has been in existence more than twice this long.

Founded in 1870, Wiedemann is now celebrating more than 90 years of the finest traditions of the brewing art and keeping pace with the best skills of modern science.

Through continued progress, Wiedemann's Registered Brewing was developed, which assures absolute control of quality and flavor that beer drinkers know. This honest to goodness beer has the flavor that never changes.

We are proud of the Wiedemann tradition that assures you Fine Beer with that “Fresh From the Barrel Taste.”


Above is the annotation on the back of the postcard.