Two Notes on Early Carrollton Hotels

Note 1:

“Wm. Gardner, proprietor of the Carroll House, has also become owner of the Elm Tree House, having last week purchased it from T. R. Batts for $2,500.  He also sold, for $1,000 to Mr. Batts, the house at the south-east corner of Second and High streets.  Mr. Gardner must be doing a prosperous business and, with two hotels, he will be able to accommodate all who desire lodging ion Carrollton.”

Note #2:

“Mr. Wesley Gardner informs us that he is having the Elm Tree House, formerly kept by Thos. Batts, thoroughly renovated and repaired, and that it will be opened to the public as soon as the workmen have finished the improvements.  A billiard saloon and restaurant will be attached to the house.  We wish Mr. W all success.”


Both notes from the Carrollton Democrat. the first on October 20, 1869, the second from November 20, 1869