The 1883 Flood

The picture of Carrollton was made during the flood of February, 1883, and was at one time owned by a Mrs. Hope Langley Whyte of Dallas, Texas, whose father, Prof. Langley, was teaching at Carrollton at the time of the flood.  At the extreme right is the Methodist Church; just this side of it on Sycamore street is the Ben Myers home. The street at the left of the picture is Third, showing the old Abel property at the corner of Third and Sycamore; and the Pryor homestead (later torn down and rebuilt by the Hafford family); and Miss Mayme DeMint's home on Main Street.  The top of the Masonic Temple can also be seen as well as the top of the Carrollton Hotel, and the home of Mrs. Polly S. Perkinson.  The J. B. Howe home is in the center of the picture on High Street; while down on the point is the old Briton flour mill.  Mr. W. R. Fisher identified the buildings mentioned above.


The caption for the picture is from a later, undated reprint of the picture.