Mouth of the Kentucky

Carrollton, February 10-12, - The Ohio rose eighteen inches here last night, and is swelling now an inch and a half an hour.  the Kentucky is about on a stand, though an additional rise is coming.  Much of the town between First and Second Streets is under water. The Point House, Southern Hotel and about three dozen dwellings are flooded and the occupants have gone onto higher ground, many of them moving out late last night, some found refuge in the Court-house, some in a vacant brewery, and some with friends.  Saw-mills and coal yards are also victims, but the damage is light.  The water lacks five feet of the high water mark of last year,  The Hornet, Maggie Harper and Clark are in the Kentucky.  The Devol is above the railroad bridge at Worthville, which boats cannot pass.


from the Cincinnati Enquirer, February 11, 1883