Lewellyn & Oney


Ernest Lewellyn, after more than fifty years of continuous service with the First National Bank, Carrollton, has resigned as executive Vice-President and Cashier. His resignation became effective November 1.

Fred B. Oney, assistant cashier, was named executive vice-president of the bank, and J. Earl Whitehead, assistant cashier, was promoted to cashier. Mr. Lewellyn will continue his service as vice-president and as a member of the board of directors.

Lewellyn started his service at Carrollton on September 19, 1906. He advanced from the position of assistant bookkeeper through the other offices of the bank to January 1939 when he was elected executive vice-president in addition to his duties as cashier.

The new executive vice president, Oney, joined First National on Armistice Day in 1945 following service in World War II. On January 20, 1949 he was appointed assistant cashier. He served as president of Group 5 of the Kentucky Bankers Association for 1956-7. Mr. Oney graduated from the School of Banking of the South this past June.

Mr. Whitehead has been with the bank since April 1, 1921.


from the Kentucky Banker, December, 1957.