Warehouses Are Unroofed


Tobacco is Damaged


Kentuckian Blown Into the River But Lives


Special Dispatch to the Enquirer. Carrollton, Ky., July 8. – Carrollton was hard hit by last night’s storm, the path of which was about five blocks wide and included the business section.  In the country, heavy wind and washing rains prevailed, blowing corn flat.

The roofs of three warehouses at the Old Darling Distillery, across the river at Prestonville, were blown off.

On the Carrolton side of the Kentucky River two warehouses at the Jett Distillery were unroofed and the Hodman Tobacco Rehandling Warehouse, occupied by Harry Ketchum, was blown to the middle of Third street and wrecked.  Five thousand dollars worth of tobacco was damaged.

The Carrollton wharfboat, at the mouth of the Kentucky River, was cut in twain, as if by an experienced workman, leaving the office and reception room intact.  Corbin Pratt, Assistant Wharfmaster was blown into the Ohio, but swam ashore.  A number of houses were unroofed, including the Richland Hotel.  Many shade trees torn up by their roots, others were denuded of their limbs and a number of windows blown in. 


from the Kentucky edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer, July 9, 1915