Post Offices of Carroll County

Over time, there have been over 19 differently named post offices in Carroll County.   

Carroll County's trends of post office openings and closings are pretty different from the rest of Northern Kentucky.  Unlike most counties, Carroll didn't have a large number of post offices (Grant had 37, for instance) and they didn't create a “spike” of openings around 1900.  

The USPS has a web site here, that lists every postmaster in the history of some, current post offices.  As of this writing in summer of 2006, Carrollton and Sanders are listed,  Worthville is not.

Here is a chart that will give you a vague idea of how many post offices were open in any given year between the first (Port William, 1807) and now.  

There’s a similar chart that covers all eleven counties of Northern Kentucky Views, here.

Began Closed Town Note
1894 1903 Adcock  
1865 1879 Bramlette  
1838   Carrollton  
1870 1964 Eagle Station  
1890 1903 Easterday  
1876 1957 English  
1817   Ghent  
1837 1858 Grass Hills  
1879 1884 Liberty Station Early name for Sanders
1845 1846 Lock No. 1  
1879 1903 Locust  
1847 1851 Mill Creek  
1807 1838 Port William  
1844 1957 Prestonville  
1851 1873 Sandefers Store  
1884   Sanders  
1882 1903 Tandy  
1880 1893 Wideawake (Prestonville)
1847   Worthville  

This data has been compiled from Patera & Gallagher's A Checklist of Kentucky Post Offices.  Keep in mind that some of these town names are the same town, with a changed name.  Port William and Carrollton, for instance, are both listed.  Also keep in mind many - not all - of the “post offices” were nothing more elaborate than a nook in a country store, or a stage coach or railroad stop.