Slaves of Over Forty Years Ago Meet and Will Be Remarried

Carrollton, Ky., Nov. 29, - Alexander Foley, of Natchez, Miss., a former slave, arrived here a few days ago to visit Dr. Goslie, who used to be his old master. His surprise could be imagined when he was told by Dr. Goslie that his wife who was sold from him forty years ago, was living in Carrollton.

Mr. Foley told the following story: He had not been married long when his wife was sold and taken south, while he was sold to parties who took him further north.  Neither could read or write, and as years rolled by he naturally thought that his wife had died.  Both, it develops, remarried; he settling in Virginia, while the wife settled in this city.

Foley's second wife died a few years ago, as did the first wife's husband. 

Foley says divine providence brought them together, and he made himself known.  His wife recognized him at once, and he took his Thanksgiving dinner with his spouse of ante-bellum times.  The couple will be re-united in a few days.


The Daily Bulletin, Maysville, Ky., November 27, 1891