Skipped with the Stuff

The Cashier of the Carrollton (Ky) National Bank Joins
the Canadian Financiers.


A few days ago Bank Examiner Sanders, as is his wont, dropped quietly in at the Carrollton (Kentucky) National Bank and began an investigation.   Yesterday he filed his report with the proper authorities in Covington, and what it contained is known only to himself and perhaps its present custodian.  The contents, however, may be surmised when it is known that since Mr. Sanders’ appearance at the bank its gentlemanly cashier, Mr. J. N. Vance, has disappeared, and the rumor has gained credence that $5,000 of the bank’s funds has disappeared with him.   It is said that he has joined the noble army of financial Napoleons in Canada, but information on that score is meager.   Mr. Vance was well-known in Cincinnati and in the cities immediately across the river.   He was employed for many years in the Internal Revenue Service under the late General Fennell, when he was collector for the Covington District.   Mr. Vance was regarded as a good fellow, and was a high liver, though it was not known that his habits were such as to lead him beyond a danger line.  He had been connected with the bank for three years and recently drew a $2,000 prize in the Louisiana State Lottery.  He had just finished one of the handsomest residences in Carrollton, and was supposed to be financially sound.  His bondsmen are good for the amount of his shortage.


Cincinnati Enquirer, September 18, 1888