Ghent, c. 1950

Not many living today remember what this corner looked like before the little diner building, later Austin's barbershop. For me, there are 3 parts to this picture:


1. Elizabeth Kring O'Neal, isn't she beautiful and was our neighbor.

2. J.W. Wheeler, veteran of WWII, brother to Sheriff and County Clerk Bill Wheeler, brother to Mossey, and son of Everett and Laura Wheeler. He later worked for my father drilling water wells.

3. The neat buildings and that corner itself, including Rambo Flats restaurant.

The year is about 1950. Unfortunately, tragedy looms for 2 out of the 3. We lost lots of pictures when we moved out of the house and into Dr. Sam Brown's old office in 1966 while totally renovating this house; because my brother,John, was wounded and paralyzed in Vietnam late 1965. Many kind neighbors let us store items in their buildings, and so naturally and sadly some boxes with pictures got lost in the shuffle. This picture was one of some negatives I found and had developed. What a pleasant surprise,