Lee Hanlon shares this document from the founding of the Ghent Christian Church. When the church closed some of the members divided up the books from the pastor's study and years later Lee found this document in one of those books. It says:
Ghent Gallatin Cty Ky
May 17th 1836

We the undersined having previously given our
selvs to the Lord, do hereby agree to give our selvs
to one another according to his word, to live together
as the church of Jesus Christ laying Down all
creeds & confesions of faith and takeing the
word of God the holy scriptures as the rule
and guide of our faith and practice

Names of members | Names of members

Carter T. Johnston
Margaret Johnston

Eli Chin
Elizabeth Chin

Jesse Lindsay
Dosha Lindsay
Susannah Lindsay
Lucinda Smith
Isaiah Craig
Nancy Craig

Alexander Thompson
Saml Thompson
Elizabeth Murphey

Thompson Blanton
Emmeley Craig

John A. Lindsay
Alcy Ann Lindsay

William Davis
Rody Davis


from a Bill Davis post on Facebook