Civil War Item

The Madison packet Rowena, coming up, day before yesterday, made her usual landing at Ghent, Ky., and was about pushing out when a man, with a pistol in hand, ran down the boat and ordered the Captain to stop her, which he declined to do, when he informed Captain David there there were a large number of men up in the town which would compel him. Captain David, however, ran the boat over to Vevay, immediately opposite, where he learned there was a party of one-hundred and twenty-five guerillas here, in Ghent. A cannon, belonging to the home guards of Vevay, was brought into requisitions, and, after a few shots were fired, the guerillas left in the direction of Warsaw.  They overtook a squad of negro soldiers, on their way from Ghent to Warsaw, whom they attacked; killed six, wounded several, and dispersed the balance.  Two of the wounded negroes were brought up on the Rowena.


The Cincinnati Enquirer, August 31, 1864