The Five Court Houses of Carroll County

Since Carroll County was a part of Gallatin County until 1838, the first two court houses in Carrollton (then called Port William), were technically court houses for Gallatin County.

The first was a log structure built near the river, on Water Street, in 1799; the second, a brick building, put up in 1810, where the current house stands in Carrollton. Shown here is the first Carroll County Courthouse (the third court house building in Carrollton) which was put up after the county was formed, in 1841, the prior building having been severely damaged in a storm. The present building, the fourth court house building, and the second Carroll County Court House Building, was erected in 1884.

Fifth, there is an even newer court house erected in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, located on Polk Street.