John Froman recently sent this old Craig family postcard to his Craig relations. He gives his best guess on identities:

Ella Craig McNeal, born 1897, being held on right by Corinne
Marjorie Craig, born 1894, standing in the middle next to Ella and Corinne
Albert Gallatin Craig, Sr., born 1891, standing in the left front
Dixie Craig Froman, born 1889, sitting front and center
Jean Craig "Dolly" Smith, born 1887, standing on the left back
Corinne Craig Gex, born 1885, sitting on the right holding Ella
Carrie Gaines Craig, born 1865, plaid dress
Virginius Throckmorton Craig, born 1858, standing right back
Groom is unknown
Horse is unknown


from Bill Davis