Carrollton Democrat V. 1 #1

With feeling of pride we make our first bow before the public. In presenting our claims to the people we have no past record in the world of letters to refer to, but in the future we promise to wield an unflinching pen against the tyrants that are threatening to overwhelm the country with destruction – bring our once bright fabric to the lowest dregs of a despotic government – crush beneath the heel of hatred, the once proud and chivalrous people of the sunny Southern land, and blast the commercial interest of the great West.  Against these we will ever do battle, holding first in our hearts the prosperity of our country and the Democratic party.  So long as it remains under Radical rule, just so long will we, as a people, know nothing from them but sectional hatred, puritanical ideas of government, and taxation of the heaviest kind to support them in carrying out their hell-born-notions of an equalization between he whites and the negroes.  We submit this, our first number, to the public, felling that each and every one will lend a helping hand and forward the noble cause we have espoused; and with them we will live to see once more this glorious country again submerged in the proud faith of Democracy.   


From the Carrollton Democrat of  April 26, 1868. This is an excerpt. Read the entire article here.