Eagle Station Fire


Eagle Station, on the short-line division of the  L & N Railroad. fifty miles northeast of Louisville, was wiped out by fire at an early hour
August 31.  The fire broke out at Jacob's and Weldon's general store from the outside and spread with great rapidity.  The origin is unknown.  The total loss is about $15,000, with insurance on about half that amount.

The losses are:

Jacob & Weldon, general merchandise, $10,000; insured for $4,200.  The building was owned by J. W. Easterday, whose loss is $2,000, with insurance of $1,200.

Knights of Pythias Lodge, $700, with insurance of $1,200.

George Walters, general merchandise, $3,000, insured for $1,700.  J. E. Gullion, owner of the building, $1,200 with insurance of $400.


from the Owenton News-Herald, September 7, 1905