English Was A Thriving Town


English, now a small hamlet in the southwestern part of Carroll County, was once a much larger town, built by its location on the Shortline Railroad, where it served as a shipping point for parts of Carroll, Trimble and Henry Counties.

The town was named for Captain James Wharton English [April 12, 1794- August 6, 1861] who owned the land where the town now stands.  He was captured in the War of 1812 and married a Miss [Eliza] DeMint and settled near the present town of English.  An early general store was owned by the Green Brothers.

Dr. Gilbert was the general practitioner for many years but the community now has no doctors.

Several years ago, fire destroyed the portion of the town located along the railroad and it was never replaced.  English now has a general and two churches - Christian and Baptist.  The English Consolidated school was abolished in 1963; the pupils are now being transported to the Carroll County Elementary School (U.S. 42 School) in Carrollton.

However, the old school building was sold to the Carrollton Cabinet Co. which has transformed it into a plant for manufacture of television and radio cabinets, which has been added since its acquisition by this company.


from the Carrollton News-Democrat, October 12, 1967