Students in the English School Pic

English School 1911-1912, English, Kentucky

Standing on bench:Ethel Padgett, Ruby Marshall, Stella Stevens, Flora Smith, Anna John Smith, on ends of picture, Clay Tharp, teacher on left. Antonette, Nettsie Murphy Smith, teacher married to Wesley Smith on right.

First Row: left to right, Ralph Hicks, Courtland Hudson, Cecil Hartman, Roy Stivers, Jude Marshall, Melvin Hiicks, Unknown, Harold Stevens, Ruth Harper, Emma Marshall, Nannie Rayborn, Mary Kindoll, Helen Booth, Della Driskoll, Daisy Burk, Joe Meadows, Ada Bell Smith, Nettsie Smith, Dalton Wright, Jessie D Smith, Nannie Kindoll, Charles Marshall.

Second Row:
Allen Greeen, Mannie Hartman, Clyde Bickers, Sam Booth, Charley Wright, Ben Marshall, Bill Oaks, Lawrence Mix, Howard Stevens, Hubert Stevens, Eva Green, Guy Hudson, Martha Booth, Stells Stevens, Rob Hartman, Clisby Smith, Oscar Meadows, Thomas Bickers, Mark Booth, Weck Marshall, Maurice Wright, Roy Rayborn, Annie Smith and Ruth Oaks.

This photo was taken by Jesse Smith Jr. Jesse D Smith was his son. Kathleen Smith Lewis, his daughter, identified the names of the children and teachers.


From a Facebook post by Kelly Anderson