The First Passenger Train

Says the Courier Journal: “It was our pleasure to be one of the small party who snugly ensconced themselves in the Luxurious seats of the newly finished coaches that left this city on Sunday morning last [July 11, 1869] for Cincinnati, and destined to become the first regular passenger train from Cincinnati to Louisville, over the new route that has just been opened for trade and travel.  So much has already been said of the road that little remains to be added.  We, however, bear willing testimony to the fact that we were most agreeable surprised by the smoothness of the track, charmed with the beauty of the scenery through which it passes, and thoroughly satisfied with the substantial manner in which the bridges and trestle-works are built throughout its length.  Indeed, we do not remember of ever traveling over a road presenting so many agreeable features.”


From the Carrolton Democrat, July 17, 1869, obviously quoting the Courier-Journal.