The Carrollton Furniture Factory

You’re looking southeast.  That’s Fourth Street running under those two overpasses.  The building on the far left is east of 4th, the main building is west of 4th. That’s Polk Street going left and right in front of you.

In the main building, there was woodworking machinery in the basement and on the first floor, cabinet working on the second, carving on the third and the store room was on the fourth.  The two story wing on the far right had scroll working on the first floor, and the veneering operation on the second floor.  To the right and out of the picture was another small building used as a photo gallery.

Behind the main building were lumber sheds, and a 25,000 gallon water tank to support the sprinkler system.

The three story building on the east side of Polk did varnishing and finishing on the third floor, had a warehouse room on the second floor, and used the first floor as a shipping room. 

The L&N came in from the East on Polk, and swung down Fourth street under the second and third floor walkways for 130 feet or so.