The Walton Craig Home

As you go west through Ghent you pass the school, a couple of lanes (Carroll and Kentucky Avenues), then a stone house, an open lawn, then a small frame house.  Southeast of this house you can see a single large monument for Walton Craig and his family, including his mother, Elizabeth Morris Craig, a niece of George Walton, a Signer of the Declaration of Independence.   Just west of the frame house there used to be a growth of trees, but that is mostly gone.  This is where the Walton Craig house stood.  At one point late in its history it was a tavern called "Belle Rieve" or something like that.   In the 1960's it belonged to the U. S. Rubber Company.   When the town council found that the company wanted to build a plant to make plastic piping there the town annexed the land into Ghent, and the company abandoned their plans.   Around 1966 the company tore down the houses, to reduce their tax base.