Ghent House

That's the Knigga - Massey house at 505 Union Street in Ghent. When Ken Massey got into his attic he found a cache of old letters belonging to Luke Oboussier, which established that the house dated to the 1850's, when the Cox family appeared in the deed records. Felicia Oboussier Cox was Luke Oboussier's daughter. Some of the letters were written in French by Luke's brother-in-law, Swiss-born Louis Gex, the primogenitor of the local Gex family; he had relocated to the religious colony at New Harmony, Indiana. Felicia's husband James died in 1858 and may have been the first new burial in the Oddfellows Cemetery. Her sons became prominent businessman, especially Attilla Cox, who was President of the L&N Railroad.


from Bill Davis