Indian Mound at Lock #1

The workmen at the quarry on the top of the hill at Lock #1, in order to reach the rock, recently removed an Indian mound which has long been known to exist there, and found it in a large number of human bones, arrowheads, etc.  Perhaps a dozen bodies were buried there.  No skeleton remains complete, however, but the bones found were in a good state of preservation.  The evidence furnished by the bones themselves and by other things found, show conclusively that those sleeping there were Indians.  How long they had lain in their lonely and silent resting place is a matter of mere conjecture.  It seems almost a shame that the poor savage, after disappearing from the face of country before the march of civilization, should be disturbed in their very tombs by the builders of that civilization.


From the Carrollton Democrat, October 22, 1881