Stupendous Undertaking

We have been told that two of our wealthy and enterprising citizens have conceived the idea of constructing a tunnel from this place to the opposite side of the Kentucky River – and after careful examination, have decided it is a practicable undertaking, and that they are each willing, aye, eagerly anxious to contribute $1000 to complete the work.   Now wish it distinctly understood that while we are in favor of annexation in an honorable, open manner, we do protest against this undermining way of doing things.  If they are determined to annex Prestonville to our town, let it be done above the water.   The idea of a tunnel under the river here, is certainly a novel one, and doubtless emanated from the cranium of some inventive genius.  But let us suppose, for a moment, that the job be completed – after an expenditure of at least $200,000 – what time would it take to realize its cost?  Who would be benefitted by it?  And who wants to go mole-fashion through the earth? – in danger of being swallowed at every step by a monster catfish, or lost in darkness, and become food for snakes and lizards?   The exact location of said tunnel has not been made to us.  We presume, however, it will lead from the foot of High street to the muskrat hole near the sycamore stump on the opposite side of the river.  


excerpted from an item in the Carroll Courier, November 1, 1851.