R. E. Lee Letter


Washington College, Lexington Va., June 18, 1867

Mr. E. V. Elliot, President
Ghent College
Care of James S. Frank
Ghent, Ky.

My Dear Sir: I have received your letter of the 1st inst., and highly appreciate the invitation of the Board of Directors of Ghent College, Ky., to visit their institution at its opening on the 1st of September next, and regret that it will not be in my power to do so.  I beg, therefore, that you will present to the board my sincere thanks for their invitation, and my earnest wishes for the success of their college.

At no period in the history of the country was the right education of its youth of so much importance to its welfare as at present, and the establishment of every suitable institution of learning should be a source of congratulation to its citizens.

Reciprocating all your friendly sentiments, and hoping that our acquaintance may be extended,

     I am, with great respect, your obedient servant,

                                                          R. E. Lee


from Rev. J. William Jones' Personal Reminiscences, Anecdotes and Letters of Robert E. Lee, 1875