Was With Capt. Gridley


Carrollton, Ky., July 7, - [Carrollton's] Hon. W. W. Masterson, appointed consul at Aiden, Arabia, by President Cleveland, has just returned home.  His ship, the Coptic, took on board Capt. Gridley at Hong Kong.  He and three other young men took charge of Gridley till his death, June 5.  When the brave captain was carried to his cremation, Consul Masterson would round the coffin a large United States flag which he had.  The same flag was unfurled to the breezes at this place on the glorious Fourth, and was greatly admired by all beholders.


from the Paducah Daily Sun, July 7, 1898.  Familiar with the Admiral Dewey's famous order at Manilla to “Fire when ready, Gridley?”  This is that Gridley.  The link above, on his name, is the Wikipedia entry if you want more.