The Way Carroll County Does Things

The picture shows the results of two days and a night of work by local law enforcement officers and members of our club while searching for motors and equipment taken from the DeWeese Boat Harbor at Carrollton.  Ten illegal or unlicensed nets, one complete still and a quantity of moonshine whiskey was found whiskey was found on an island in the Ohio River and confiscated.  Arrest and conviction of two men on the net charges resulted, each serving fifteen days in jail.  Charges in connection with the motors are still pending.  All of the motors, one of which was the property of the Kentucky Game and Fish Division were recovered.  The legal nets were identified and claimed by the rightful owners who had reported them stolen. 

Picture shows Uncle Bill DeWeese, owner of the boat harbor, and those participating in the search.  left to right:

Uncle Bill Deweese
Carroll County Sheriff Paul Searcy
Club Secretary Bob Mosgrove,
Club Vice-President Jim Williams
Conservation Officer Bud Ehalt, and
Carrollton Chief of Police D. P. DeMint.

Credit for the picture is due O. M. Adams, who is our club photographer.

- Bob Mosgrove, Secretary


from the November, 1942 issue of Kentucky Sportsman, the official publication of the League of Kentucky Sportsmen