Carrollton Postmasters

G. Geier, the new postmaster, took possession of the post office last Monday [September 19, 1885].  With a view towards finding out something about previous postmasters, we asked Judge T. B. Scandrett, one of our oldest inhabitants, to give us his recollections.  The first post master he remembered was Uncle Billy Root.  He had the office fifty-five or sixty years ago.  He was a Whig, Know-nothing, and Republican successively, and held the office along time, keeping it at Webster’s corner.  Next came J. W. Root, same as to politics and place. 

The next postmaster was Major George Lee, a strong Democrat.  He was the godfather of our night watchman, James T. Martin.  He kept the office on the point, below First street.  The next postmaster was David Supplee, an enthusiastic Democrat. He kept the Supplee property on Main.  Then came Joseph Scott, a model Democrat, who kept at the same place.  Aaron Supplee came in and held the same place.  He was in turn a Whig, Know-nothing, and Republican. 

He was succeeded by Uncle Billy Root who took office a second time. He held during a portion of the war, as a Republican, of course, keeping on Third street under Masonic hall.  He sold out his store to Ben Roberts, Republican, who was appointed postmaster and kept at the same place.  When Andrew Johnson came in Lafe O’Neal was appointed.  He kept in the house where Argus’ barber shop is on Main.  Capt. Lewis next came in. He took office on the 11th of April, 1869 under Grant and held until October 5, ’85 – on the 11th inst. it would have been 16 years and six months.  J. E. Geier comes in now. 

Out of this we believe there are only three living – Geier, Lewis and Scott.   


from an old news clipping, date and paper unknown