Slave Case in Carrollton

On Friday night of last week, five slaves belonging to Mr. M. Giltner of Hunter's Bottom, Ky., left for the north.  A skiff belonging to the family was caught at Madison next morning, and the presumption is, the negroes took the under-ground railroad for Canada.  A free negro named Edmund Prince, who formerly resided at this place, was seen on the opposite side of the river during the preceding evening, and has he has long been suspected of being connected with the under-ground railway, considerable anxiety was manifested to secure him.

A few days since, Edmund came to this place, as he had been in the habit of doing occasionally. A warrant was issued for his arrest, to test the point of whether or not he was a resident of Indiana.  The case came up in the Police Court, before Judge Tharp, on Thursday, when the negro was dismissed, no evidence being adduced to prove that he was a resident of Indiana.  As Edmund formerly belonged to the family, Gen. Butler, who appeared for him, expressed a desire that the negro should remain in the courtroom until the suspicions and charges against him for aiding slaves out of the State, be cleared up.  Mr. Giltner stated what the rumors and charges were.  A warrant was immediately issued, and in default of bail to appear and answer the charges on Wednesday next, Edmund was commanded to jail.


from the Louisville Daily Courier of May 29, 1855, reprinting an item from an issue of the Carrollton Times.