A Kentucky Incident


The circumstances under which a church congregation was dismissed at Sanders, Ky., on a recent Sunday afternoon were peculiarly distressing. About midway the minister's discourse, there bolted through the half-open door what appeared to be a large black and white tabby cat, followed by a yellow dog. The pursuit was swift and fierce, and the hunted animal sought sanctuary under the preacher's pulpit. That worthy, taken unawares, and somewhat flustered at being so rudely interrupted in the midst of a particularly pleasant passage, did the natural thing, under the circumstances, and, raising his foot, kicked the furry creature up toward the ceiling.

After describing a number of beautiful parabolic curves in mid-air, the animal alighted fairly in the center of the congregation. Then it was discovered that there had been a mistake as to the species of the cat: it was of the pole variety.

The audience dismissed itself with more haste than decorum, and it is hoped that after a month or so the building will again be in condition to justify the resumption of divine services.


Sacramento Daily Union, April 19, 1896, reprinting from the Cincinnati Tribune