Tomtown Train Wreck

The train wreck here occurred on old bridge #10 over the east fork of the Mill Creek, near the Tomtown tunnel a few miles west of English.  It’s the summer of 1942, and the engineer, George Eurn, and the fireman were killed.  The head brakeman was thrown against a pole and broke his back, but recovered.  The work train dispatched to clean up the wreck was in Worthville, and the engine watchman on that train was the father of John H. Meadows. In the left view, the two men on the left with arms around each other are George Reister, engineer of the work train, and Mr. Crowley, a railroad supervisor.  Standing on the wrecked engine (either 1107 or 1170) were George Gullion, John Lewis, W. K. Ballard, and others.


from an old, undated, newspaper clipping, assumed to be the Carrollton News-Democrat.