The Tri County Fair Grounds

The grand stand on the tri-county fair grounds is nearing completion and is a substantial and nice structure.  Already the stars and stripes - the national flag - flaps in the breezes from a spire several feet above the done of the building.  The building is 216 feet by 40 fee4t and is calculated to have a seating capacity of 3,500 people, but additional seating room will be provided.

The track is well under headway.  The county road grader drawn by a traction engine is being used, grading the track and it will be completed in another week or two.  Perry Dufour, of Ghent, has had the civil engineering and architectural work in charge from the beginning, while G. W. Shirley, president of the association, has consistently given his personal attention to the work.  The whole is being well managed and well constructed.


from the Warsaw Independent, July 27, 1907